Monday, March 31, 2008

Fundraising Activities For Kids That Will Surely Provide Fun And Profits

fundraising kidsFund raising events for kids are fun to organize and raising money is just a bonus!

Guidelines to kids fund raising event success:

1. Publicity. This is the most important part of your event. Announce the event in newspapers, radio stations, flyers, posters, etc. Make sure that you create a clear message that includes who and what the event is for, when and where will it be held, ticket prices, your cause and how much money you need to raise.

2. Get eager and competent volunteers. Be sure that your volunteers are committed to your fundraising event. You need to orient them on how your event works, what your goals are and your anticipated results.

3. Choose a popular location. You need to hold the event some place that is familiar to everyone as a known address will increase your attendance. The location should be able to accommodate large crowds.

Fund raising event for kids tips and ideas:

Walk-a-thon, dance marathon, martial arts tournament or a bike race. This is fun for parents and kids. You can make it interesting by requiring “parent-child” pairs only to participate. You can collect monetary pledges every hour and sell refreshments.

Beach party. You can rent a pool and design it to look like a beach. Offer booths that kids can rent where they can sell refreshments and snacks. Put up water games. Sell tickets that include entrance and water game participation.

Tea party raffle. Ask for donations from toy stores, small gift items and major expensive toys. Create a tea party environment. Ask volunteers (eager kids from schools) to perform dances, songs, etc. Sell raffle tickets and charge entrance fee per child and sell snacks.

Ice-cream party. Sell tickets where kids can have “eat all you can” ice-cream treat! Set a long table with lots of different ice-cream toppings, such as sprinkles, different fruits, different syrups, etc. Kids will enjoy creating their own ice-cream.

Pizza fun party. Create a “make your own pizza” fund raiser party. Set up different pizza toppings on a buffet table where parents and kids can put on the toppings they choose, and then have their pizza baked. Sell tickets for every plate of pizza. Also charge entrance fees. For entertainment, ask kid volunteers to show-off their talents on stage.

By creating a fun, interesting and short event period, you make your fund raising kids party more appealing to potential customers and supporters.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Make a Fund Raising Mission Trip

hurricaneFund raising is an exciting event. This works well for the person who successfully doing it and also benefits those who are the recipients of the cause. One way of doing this would be to organize a fund raising mission trip.

Some people have decided to run from the east to the west coast. The cause could be to raise money for food and other supplies or to provide housing to the many that were homeless after hurricane Katrina.

There may be some who would like to join in months before the event, posters can be set up explaining everything in detail.

You should also write fundraising letters to friends and family members about the event. These people will in turn forward this to other people if they want it sent via email. A study found that you can raise about $2500 just from letters.

You should make sure that a letter of thanks is given to those who give money of the cause.

Some people may not care but this will gain more momentum and if there was blessing from the church. Strong believers will be more than generous to give money for the cause.

You should also persuade that the parishioners be given the chance to speak during meetings and congregations so people who have questions about this event can be answered.

Stories about the event should get as much coverage as possible. You can do this by having an article printed in newspapers and newsletters that are distributed around the community.

Aside from the church and the help of friends and relatives, you can also organize smaller events such as a garage sales, a cookout or partner with some establishments who will give a certain percentage if the run across the country and back is successful.

You as well as volunteers should work day and night until the event has been completed. This could be following up with companies that have decided to sponsor the event and keeping the news alive by announcing this often to the public.

Everyone who helped out will feel good when the event becomes successful. It can be done again in the future with more participants the next time around. This is truly the challenge when no one has done it before which could also lead to similar events in other states.


Friday, March 14, 2008

3 Great Tips on How to Make a Fund Raising Event Successful

Success often comes like a thief in the night. It is never expected, but is very well planned.

This goes the same for every activity that requires well organized planning in order to reach success. So to speak, nothing beats a well-planned activity or event.

Take for example fund raising activities. Before organizations can carry out their goals, they must first properly plan each fund raising event that they want to execute. A well-planned fund raising event can definitely reap victory.

However, as easy as it may sound, achieving success in a fund raising activity is not an easy job. It takes a lot of courage, determination, perseverance, and brainstorming before an organization can reach their goals.

For this reason, it is extremely important that every fundraiser should delve more on the factors that will generate success. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

1. Have a definite goal

Raising money to help street children isn't a goal. It should be more concrete, more specific. In order to be successful in your group’s fund raising event, your group’s goals must be more defined and classified.

For instance, if you want to raise funds for your group’s operations regarding street children, it would be better if you limit your intentions for raising some funds for street children in a specific area. In this way, you can research more on it; therefore, you will know where to focus your fundraising ideas and your group can clearly state how much money you need to raise.

2. Choose the best type of fund raising

Soliciting money and donations aren't necessarily limited to mere asking for money. In order for your fund raising event to be successful, choose a specific type of activity. This will correspond to the goal that you have. For instance, if you need a big amount of money, you should choose fund raising activities that will cleave to “large-scale” events such as charity walks or “casino night.”

3. Put some glamour in your fund raising event

In order to secure your fundraising event’s success, it would be wise to add some glamour to it. You may invite some prominent people to be your guest speakers during the opening ceremony. It has always been a well-known fact that celebrities and other prominent people can really make great impacts at any event.

Given all that, organizing a fund raising event is sure to reap success. Just keep in mind that everything will fall into place if you have the right plan.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tips on Writing Fundraising Letters for Successful Fundraising Campaigns

What could be the key to a successful fundraising campaign? That would be being able to write a very good and effective fundraising letter. Fundraising letters aren't just letters. They are letters that have the attributes of sales letters.

You know that a fundraising letter was effective if it was able to catch the attention of your readers and was able to convince them to give help at the very moment they read the letter. Would you like to write effective fundraising letters? Check out the following tips.

1. When starting your fundraising letter, determine first the type of people who will be reading your letter. You need to be specific with your readers. This will help you identify the kind of approach that you will do for the letter.

2. Time is valuable to many people. They sometimes don't have time to read long fundraising letters. You need to make sure that the letter is short so that the readers will be able to remember everything that has been written in the letter.

3. When writing a fundraising letter. You need to be as personal as possible. However, make sure that the letter also sounds professional so that readers will be convinced of the intentions of the campaign.

4. You may start the letter with some good news. You may include updates about the organization, recent accomplishments and future projects. This is also your chance to address all your plans for the organization and how you plan to achieve those goals.

5. And then, you can include the reason why you started the fundraising campaign. You need to inform your readers about what you want to improve, why you want to do the project, how you will do it and the results they can expect from it.

6. You may also include the suggested amount that will help in the campaign. This will help them decide how much they can give for the fundraising campaign.

7. Don't forget to thank your donors. Thanking your readers will give them the motivation to give more for the campaign.

Make sure to include all the listed tips to help you create a convincing fundraising letter. Creating a very good fundraising letter will surely give overwhelming results. Once you are able to create an effective fundraising letter, you can be assured of a successful campaign, donors and donations.