Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Raising Funds through a Fun Run

fun runEvery year, non-government and civic organizations find ways to raise funds for a variety of projects. Some of these proceeds go to help the poor while others are used to teach children and adults that much needed education to get decent jobs.

One of the most grueling marathons which are used to raise funds for Alzheimer’s patients is the Marathon des Sables which is done in about 6 days over 151 miles of terrain. The competitors have to carry equipment such as food, water and sleeping gear to be able to survive the heat of the day and the cold of night.

You don't have to organize something big like this to get noticed. There are certain things that need attention in the city or in schools and employing the proper techniques will surely make it successful.

When you have decided on the charity, the next thing that has to be forecasted is how many people will be needed to volunteer for the project.

The success of the run will really depend on marketing. The date of the event has to be finalized including the route which the racers will pass through from start to finish.

When that has been made, people should begin seeking sponsors. There are many corporations that will be more than happy to help. People should sell the idea to the firms who will in turn get something back like good publicity.

The money given will be used to put ads in the paper and the radio, flyers to be distributed to people who want to join, prizes for the top three finishers and souvenir items such as a free breakfast or a shirt to all those who finish the race.

Someone will be tasked to follow up with the sponsorships and the printing of the ads. The person should make sure that the company logos of the sponsors are correct when they come from the printers.

You will also need to tap into the community. You can ask some of the restaurants and explain the project. They may not give that much money but perhaps a small percentage of the sales could be given for every 10 runners who wish to join the event.

This may not count much but a little money from generous people will still go a long way since this is just part of the fund raising that is being done.

One way of making the fun run successful will also be to tap celebrities. They don't have to be an actress or a rock star but someone who people look up to and will be more than willing to help out in the cause.

Participants and viewers who will see the event on television will surely appreciate the effort done by the individual. The celebrity may not get that much money for the event except the gratitude of those who need the money badly.

Another person should coordinate with the police and the local authorities. These people will make sure the route is secure with the assistance of other volunteers who will act as marshals guiding people through the course.

You should make sure everything is ready to the last detail hours before the run until everyone has finished. An assessment can be made on the performance of the group including how much was made before anyone can say that this project was successful.