Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Key to Victorious Political Fundraising Activity

Every movement needs money to support whatever the campaign is going to need. In order to achieve success, the money should be well monitored and the candidate himself should spend enough time to prepare and implement a fund raising plan.

Here are some guide lines to a winning political fundraising:

-First of all before a candidate announces his standing he should understand his goals and objectives; and stick with them. Also, he should come up with a plan on how they will raise the money, how much is desired, when will it be needed and what the money is required for.

-The fundraising should start as soon as the candidacy is declared. Better to waste no time. This would also test how effective the plan is.

-Decide how you will correspond with your probable and existing donors. Give off efficient and dependable messages to accomplish your theoretical and monetary goals.

-Estimate how much a donor can contribute. You could ask for a little higher amount so that if he bids lower, you can meet somewhere in the middle.

-When it comes to big time donors, the candidate should be the one making the calls to them. This is to give a personal touch. Such donors are more likely to give a greater amount when the candidate himself calls.

-Set the best date for the event. On a Friday, people may be too tired because of the week-long job and Sunday is the time when people go to churches and spend time off with their families. Saturday is still the most advisable day for any event.

-There should be options for the donors. You could have an extra large, a large, a medium, a small and even an extra small. This is just to cater as much donors as you can.

-Create your network. You could ask relatives, friends and supporters to donate contact numbers of their acquaintances as well. Therefore, create a network of fundraising. Keep in mind that the bigger the network, the bigger the possibility to raise the desired amount.

-Keep the contributors well informed and make follow ups. Call them from time to time during the campaign period. It can be before the election, during and near the time of election. Who knows, they might even make another donation.

Always follow rules and regulation in the desired state. Most of the time there are different rules on fundraising as who can give contributions and how much they can donate. Submit all reports and requirement needed.

So waste no time and plan your campaign ahead.