Sunday, September 14, 2008

Silicone Wristband Fundraising for your Organization

silicone bandsEvery organization has a mission statement that reflects the core principles of the group. When Lance Armstrong returned to win the Tour de France, Livestrong Foundation produced wristbands that served both to raise awareness for cancer survivors as well as fundings for his non-profit. Awareness bracelets are an excellent fund raising tool that can help your organization grow and spread its central message.

Gel bracelets reflect your group by printing a message on the band, as well as allowing you to chose a color that reflects your theme. Popular wristbands include the yellow Livestrong band, red and blue for epilepsy awareness bracelet and the pink Susan Komen bracelet. Each of these silicone bands sends a message, and can help raise the public profile of your group. By printing your motto on a rubber bracelet, people will naturally ask your members about its significance, which raises your organization's profile.

In addition to general cause awareness, gel bands are an ideal way to help raise funds for those in immediate need. When Hurricane Katrina landed at New Orleans, groups began selling white and blue bands to show solidarity and raise funds for those displaced by the natural disaster. The bands provide an easy way for showing support for victims, and make clear economic sense for charities looking to raise funds.

The wristbands can be purchased in bulk at a low cost basis, and sold to raise funds for prices as little as $1 a piece. Low cost and popularity make silicone bands an ideal choice for school fund raisers, religious campaigns and medical causes. With a suggested donation price, individuals are free to donate more, while others can contribute the low purchase price. Just as Livestrong became a national cause started in cycling, your group can begin to sell custom bracelets for your local group and aim to raise awareness for your cause.