Monday, October 13, 2008

Silicone Wristbands

It has been said that fashion helps us make a statement through colors and style we choose to wear. Today, when we think of "pink", images associated with women's cancer research immediately come to mind as a result of the Susan G. Komen organization's efforts to raise awareness through the sale of silicone wristbands. Wearing a pink bracelet symbolizes not only your solidarity with the group's effort, but gives a large branding to the message that helps draw supporters to the message.

Whether you are seeking to raise the profile of groups ranging from military causes who utilize camouflage silicone wristbands in their charity efforts to religious groups who often place scriptural messages embossed on the bands, you can help craft a unique branding message for your organization.

Not only can you utilize wristbands for charity efforts, but the bands can also form part of a core identity around any cause, from family to business groups who wish to structure a core brand. Handing out family bands with a motto at family reunions can provide a memorable gift just a creating company wristbands with either serious or humorous messages can benefit the morale at get together events large and small.

Another great use of rubber wristbands is for athletic teams, especially when coaches are looking to motivate players in the context of a long season. At times, youth sports teams might have a hard time finding motivation amidst the bustle of everyday responsibilities, so having wrist bands as a constantly reminder of their goals can only further team bonding efforts.