Monday, November 10, 2008

Candy Bar Fundraising

candy barAmericans naturally love chocolates. It has been estimated that Americans consume billions of pounds of candy bars every year. No wonder candy bars have been the most popular products for fundraisers.

How are chocolate bars used in fundraising? Fundraisers use candy bars in two ways- indirect and direct selling. You may choose to use both methods to generate more funds and get more contacts.

Direct selling usually involves selling candy bars. Many companies use personalized candy wrappers and coupons to add appeal on their candies. Some use famous candy bar brand names to generate profit. In direct selling, you may do hand selling to members. The members then can distribute and sell the candy bars to other people they know.

On the other hand, indirect selling does not involve hand selling to people. All you need to do is distribute brochures and people who are interested may contact you on the numbers you have provided in the brochures.

If you choose candy bars for fundraising, you can be assured of a 100% to 200% profit. However, it will depend on the cost of the candies. It is better if a company can supply you with candy bars at a cheaper cost. This will surely be a win for you.

Candy bars have long been the favorite of many fundraisers. That is because it isn't limited to a specific age group or culture. Everybody just loves candy bars. Candy bars are also easy to sell. You don't need to be an expert in sales to promote the product.

Fundraisers are also aware of the disadvantages of candy bars in fundraising. It's not a healthy food especially for children and they aren't good in hot weather since they have the tendency to melt in hot temperatures. It is also difficult to track inventories with candy bars.

If you choose candy bars for fundraising, it will surely be a hit for you. Just remember to determine if there are upfront charges on the organization. Also make sure that the organization doesn't charge extra fees for other materials. You may also choose candy bars with features and coupons to increase your sales.

You may check the Internet for companies and organizations that promote candy bars for fundraising. If you can be assured of a 100% profit, then why not try it? Candy bars will surely give fundraisers sweet results.