Thursday, February 28, 2008

Before You Start that Raise, Consider This — Pros and Cons of Fund Raising

Fund raising can be one great experience, especially for non-profit organizations that don't have enough money to support their charitable operations.

For this reason, many people tend to think that fund raising is an all out solution to money problems, especially where solid capital and viable means of income-generating strategies are scarce.

However, it doesn't necessarily follow that fund raising is the ultimate solution to funding problems. Like any activity, it has its own drawbacks.

Knowing its pros and cons will help you in understanding the nature and concept of fund raising. In this way, you will be able to take measures whenever imminent problem arises caused by the underlying weaknesses of fund raising.


1. Build bridges, not burn them

One of the greatest advantages that fund raising can give is that it can build bridges among alumni, colleagues, etc. Instead of burning them after these people have their own lives, fund raising can even bring them closer again and continue to uphold the principle that they once have in their hearts and minds.

For instance, school fund raising can always call out the members of the alumni and let them help in the fund raising activity that the school will initiate. With this, communication with other people is strengthened while generating funds for your organization.

2. It is all about helping

Another good thing about fund raising is that everything is centered on helping. If you think that you simply can't do the project alone, there are many ways to ask for some help. Volunteers are available all over the area. Even some groups can guide you in your fund raising activity.


1. It is vulnerable to scam and other unscrupulous activities

Fund raising can be home to generous people, and yet, it can be one way for deceitful activities. Since most people are usually willing to help, some unscrupulous people take advantage of this area and start soliciting money and donations. The problem is that they aren't working for charity but for wickedness.

2. Too much proliferation

Since everybody can do a fund raising activity, the proliferations of fundraisers are just too much that the donors or sponsors can no longer bear.

Indeed, fund raising may have its benefits, but there is always the other side of the coin. It is best to know its pros and cons before considering an organization to donate with or before your organization even start building your own fund raising event.


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