Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Attributes of a perfect free fundraising letter

The success of soliciting contributions through the mail depends on how the fundraising letter is written. Potential donors don't have much information about the cause aside from the letter, that is why it is advisable to research for the perfect fundraising letter to get optimum results. While there are hundreds of free fundraising letters that can be downloaded off the internet, fundraisers must be careful when choosing one. A perfect fundraising letter must have the following attributes:

1. Attention grabbing title. It must capture the attention of the readers from the moment they open the letter. It must be something that they don’t usually get from a fundraising letter.

2. Well explained causes and credentials. This is the most important part of the letter that must contain at least 150 words. This is the part where readers’ confidence on the organization will be built. It should clearly identify the need and how the organization can address the need through the help of potential donors.

3. Contribution solicitation. This is absolutely essential for any fundraising letter. It must be concise and direct. This part should run a maximum of 50 words that includes the benefits a donor can get by supporting the cause and the specific requested amount. It should thank the potential donor ahead of time for their donations and state how the amount can help the organization.

4. Offering incentives. This part encourages the potential donor to act as soon as possible. Incentives offered can be tangible or intangible. An example would be including statements like “Imagine how great would be to help cancer victims get everything they need to save their lives” or by sending tokens and other prizes.

5. Presentation of proofs. This is the part of the fund raising letter that highlights the photographs or statistics to convince readers that the organization is not a fraud and how it has helped other people in the past.

6. Gratitude statement. The part to thank potential donors for their time in reading the letter and any contribution they can share.

7. Signature. This is a part that lets the reader know they are receiving the letter from a real, genuine person.

Getting a free fundraising letter off the internet is easy. However, picking the best one from the rest may take some time and effort. Learning how to identify the components of a perfect letter takes everyone one step closer to raising more funds.


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