Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fundraising made easy

Other individuals and organizations that run fund raising activities sometimes run out of unique ideas and resort to basic fund raising techniques. Others are just not up for the challenge while others can't afford to take risks with activities that are untested. Whatever their reasons, there are simple, easy ways to raise funds for any cause that are proven to work. Some of them are the following:

1. Balloon pop. This is a tested technique in fund raising that is both profitable and fun. It works as a traditional raffle where participants pay at least $1 per balloon. Balloons are filled up with helium and a note that contains the prize. Participants pick as many balloons as they want and pop them out with other participants. Fundraisers usually give out prizes given by sponsors and other team members.

2. Personal letters. This technique touches the emotional side of potential donors. People who would like to raise funds for a specific cause send letters to potential donors. These letters usually contain the stories behind the cause. For example, when soliciting donations for cancer victims it would help to include their stories and other personal information like their age, occupation, economic status, etc.

3. Sell candles or cookies. This is the most popular fund raising activity because it’s simple and doesn't need much planning and organizing. Just gather groups of people to do the baking and everything is all set!

4. Host a dinner party. Invite friends and family members and ask for small donation. Don't forget to prepare presentation to effectively communicate the cause. Be ready to answer some questions that may arise and thank everyone for coming and donating.

5. For environmental causes, sell plants to promote a greener environment. Hit two birds with one stone and help save the environment without spending much.

6. For medical missions, ask for help from local doctors, nurses, dentists, etc. to render their services for free.

7. Request donations and announce fund raising activities on local radio stations to reach more people. Stage a Q&A segment with the host about the activity and entertain questions from callers. Be direct when answering questions and don't take up too much airtime because this can get very expensive.

It doesn't take a genius to organize fundraising activities. A quick browse on the internet or soliciting advice from people in the community is good start in requesting donations.


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