Friday, January 4, 2008

The First Five Lessons in Fund Raising 101

fundraisingFundraising for charitable purposes is always a noble undertaking. It is however an achievement that can’t be done overnight. Determination and perseverance is needed to launch a successful fundraising event; genuine love and devotion would ensure its continued survival. Here are the first five lessons of Fund Raising 101. Keep them in mind – and inside your heart – when you finally take the necessary steps to start your fundraising campaign.

Choose your beneficiary wisely. There are certainly thousands of ways you can provide aid but to succeed, you must feel an instant connection, a strong bond if you will, with your beneficiary. The plight of orphans could, for instance, remind you poignantly of the time you yourself was a foster child once. This connection will serve as your primary source of inspiration later on, helping you constantly develop more ideas to attain your fundraising objectives.

Enlist the help of others. This isn't just about picking anyone who wishes to join your cause. Your selection process must resemble what’s being used in today’s large corporations. The number of contacts, skills and abilities shouldn’t be the only things that matter; you must take the time to know as well why they’re joining and what they believe they can get out of joining your cause.

Initial spending is unavoidable with a fundraising campaign and unless you have enough money in your pocket to shoulder the capital expenses, it’s wiser for you to appeal to the bigwigs for financial aid. Explain to them the need for capital money for your campaign to hit the ground running and give them a detailed accounting of how you plan to use the money.

Corporations and wealthy citizens would welcome the idea of donating more warmly if their donations are tax deductible. For this to happen, you must file the necessary documents to make your foundation legally recognized. Next, you do everything possible to ensure that your foundation is given the approval by the law to solicit tax-deductible-donations. Research well because this particular step would prove to be very beneficial later on.

Organize diversified events for your fundraising campaign to be able to tap all sections of the market. It’s imperative that you think of your fundraising campaign as a business knowing you’re striving to earn profit for the benefit of others. Make some of these events regular occasions to foster the feeling of tradition and permanency among your donors.

That’s it then. Good luck on your endeavor!


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