Friday, January 11, 2008

Items Used for Fund Raising

silicone braceletsThere are many ways to raise money. It doesn’t matter if it's done on a small or large scale since what is important is that the money goes to those who need it.

If the you can’t get enough money from sponsors, then perhaps it is time to think of items that can be exchanged for cash.

If the you have the talent to sew, a few things like quilts can be made and sold. The same thing goes for those who know how to bake. Cookies and cakes are a treat which will surely make people want to give more especially if these taste really good.

You can also go to places that sell quality items at low prices. These can be ordered in bulk then a little advertising will help raise the needed funds. You can also try checking out the internet since there are also some cool items.

A few examples are shirts, mugs and cookies. You will just put the stall in a place where people frequently traffic such as the mall, the park or near the church. The volunteers should be able to explain well the cause and distribute flyers at the same time.

People can also distribute flyers in the street and put some up on bulletin boards and light posts. You can even go house to house carrying some products that the neighborhood will be interested in buying similar to what scouts do when selling cookies.

You can also setup donation boxes or jars at supermarkets and convenience stores. They can be picked up at the end of the week and replaced with a new ones.

You can also have this counted right there at the store at the end of the day so that the cashier will just give cash rather than carrying a lot of loose change in your pocket.

You should make sure that a thank you card is sent to stores and other participating establishments who chose to help out in the fund raising event.

You can also advertise items online to create a larger market for those who will want to buy for a cause.

Fund raising is a fulfilling experience. You will be proud to help out and receive the gratitude from those whose lives were changed by the generosity of a stranger.


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