Friday, February 22, 2008

Girl Scout Fund Raising Guidelines Every Girl Scout Should Know

Girl scouts have always been responsible in whatever undertaking they may take. They have been highly acclaimed as one of the most useful organizations in the society.

Among the many activities of Girl Scout clubs and organizations are their charitable works. And since this organization doesn't have specific funds to support their operations, they have to opt for fund raising.

In reality, girl scouts are never allowed to ask for money or donations as long as they are members of Girl Scouts. Solicitation of money and asking for donations of any kind is a part of the club’s fund raising activities. They are all based on legal antecedents.

Moreover, girls scout fund raising isn't directly done by the girls themselves. According to the provisions and policies stated in the Girl Scout law, adults are the only ones allowed to manage the fund raising activities.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean that girl scouts can no longer participate in fund raising. Besides, they are the ones who will benefit from the Girl Scout fund raising activities. They will need the funds to support their club’s substantial operations.

So for the Girl Scout organizations that wishes to raise funds and don't know what to do or how to start, here are some tips that can help you out:

1. Know your goal

Before starting out and brainstorming on some possible fund raising ideas, it is important that your group has solidly decided on the amount of money that your group has to raise. This will facilitate the fund raising activity.

Moreover, decide on your group’s purpose in raising funds. Keep in mind that every Girl Scout should never attempt to raise funds for individual purposes.

2. Work personally with the adults
As the provisions stated in the “Money-earning Guidelines” of the organization, only the adults are allowed to raise funds for the organization. However, members are allowed to participate in girl scout fund raising activities as long as there is an adult present at the event so as to help and guide them.

3. Never create fund raising activity for other groups

It isn't appropriate for every girl scout member to raise funds for the sake of a different organization. If your group would really like to extend help, you can opt for donations from your own funds.

Indeed, girl scout fund raising activities can be real fun. It doesn't just provide girls scouts viable means to raise their own funds, but it can also teach them the values of resourcefulness, cooperation, and responsibility.


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