Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Make a Fund Raising Mission Trip

hurricaneFund raising is an exciting event. This works well for the person who successfully doing it and also benefits those who are the recipients of the cause. One way of doing this would be to organize a fund raising mission trip.

Some people have decided to run from the east to the west coast. The cause could be to raise money for food and other supplies or to provide housing to the many that were homeless after hurricane Katrina.

There may be some who would like to join in months before the event, posters can be set up explaining everything in detail.

You should also write fundraising letters to friends and family members about the event. These people will in turn forward this to other people if they want it sent via email. A study found that you can raise about $2500 just from letters.

You should make sure that a letter of thanks is given to those who give money of the cause.

Some people may not care but this will gain more momentum and if there was blessing from the church. Strong believers will be more than generous to give money for the cause.

You should also persuade that the parishioners be given the chance to speak during meetings and congregations so people who have questions about this event can be answered.

Stories about the event should get as much coverage as possible. You can do this by having an article printed in newspapers and newsletters that are distributed around the community.

Aside from the church and the help of friends and relatives, you can also organize smaller events such as a garage sales, a cookout or partner with some establishments who will give a certain percentage if the run across the country and back is successful.

You as well as volunteers should work day and night until the event has been completed. This could be following up with companies that have decided to sponsor the event and keeping the news alive by announcing this often to the public.

Everyone who helped out will feel good when the event becomes successful. It can be done again in the future with more participants the next time around. This is truly the challenge when no one has done it before which could also lead to similar events in other states.


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